DISH Network vs. DIRECTV

When comparing DISH Network to DIRECTV, we are looking at two very good entertainment providers. Of course, there are differences. I will show a list of the features differentiating one from the other later in this article. The consumer would do very well with either of these satellite companies. Both are superior to cable networks in the areas of channel selections, programming packages and overall customer satisfaction.

Editor’s Notes: Can’t there be an easy way to figure out which package or channel combos work for you? Can’t anything be simple and straightforward? Yes! If you look to the right and click on the main channel selections comparison chart, you can quickly and easily make the right choice for your entertainment needs!

Channels and Packages

DISH Network and DIRECTV both offer extensive options in the selection of channels and packages. Sports enthusiasts will be very satisfied with the packages offered. Professional and collegiate football, NBA and NCAA basketball, major league baseball and international soccer leagues are just a small part of the sports entertainment options. Both networks also offer many foreign language channels. Movie buffs will be thrilled with literally thousands of choices.

It is hard to say if one of these satellite providers is superior to the other in this area. What it really comes down to is personal taste and, ultimately, your own choice. We have created an extensive charting system that will show exactly what channels and packages are offered by both companies. Just click on the link provided and examine all the selections.

Ordering and Installation

Our research shows installations are usually done on time and are completed in the first day. Although we have heard about a few installation issues this seems to be the exception, but not commonplace. Both DISH Network and DIRECTV carry very good reputations in the ordering process and in installation.

Network Retailers

There are many network retailers for DISH Network and DIRECTV. These network retailers usually offer a promotional freebie, but will find a way to charge for it eventually. The best way is to deal directly with the actual providers. We have heard of crazy credit card charge allegations, not to mention language issues when trying to dispute charges.


Whatever style of music you like, DISH Network and DIRECTV are more than happy to accommodate. Both of these satellite providers offer fully comprehensive lists of sounds from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and on..well, you get the message. Soft rock, hard rock, soul, country tunes, techno and rap. This is only a small list of the many genres of music offered. Also, music from other countries can be enjoyed. Again, the best way to find the selections that you desire is to click on our music selection link to view our charts. There you will be able to see all music selections available from DISH Network and DIRECTV immediately.

Extensive Charts

Both DISH Network and DIRECTV are committed to excellent customer service 24 hours a day. They each offer a wide array of channels and also offer multiple packages. Customization of channels is also possible. Affordability is always a concern when choosing your home entertainment provider. The price points are very similar for both of these satellite providers. The best way to scrutinize pricing is to link onto our customized charts and choose the specific choices that fit your own specific, individualized needs for you and your family. These channel comparison charts were designed to show the differences in the programming, so potential viewers can choose the network that works the best for their situation.