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If you’re a fan of computer games, you’ve come across titles such as Fortnite from Epic Games or PUBG and even the latest APEX Legends recently.

All these games have one thing in common – the popular Battle Royale mode! Players love the game in this mode.

However, this creates a problem, every player wants to be the best, wants to win all battles. This requires new weapons, skins and many other useful things.

Unfortunately, in order to buy new weapons in Fortnite we have to have a lot of Vbucks resources.


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What are VBucks and how to get them?

VBucks is the virtual currency in Fortnite Battle Royale. Thanks to this cash we can improve our weapons and change the appearance of our characters. Thanks to that our character will be individual and better equipped to help us shoot headshots.

We can get Vbucks in different ways, one of them is playing Fortnite every day and getting cash for everyday tasks.

Another way is to buy vbucks in official stores such as playstation or microsoft, below the links to these stores:

You can also use less official shops that use the Fortnite V-bucks generator to get a large amount of this virtual cash. Which later they sell at a lower price.

This option seems to be very interesting and most importantly safe.
For example, we can get 20,000 Vbucks for a few dollars.

Which sites use the Fortnite Vbucks Generator and how to recognize them? Are they safe?

Many websites use vbucks generators, but is it worth using? Is it safe?

It is best to look for opinions on the Internet by asking other players or by asking questions in the forums.

Very often the most popular Fortnite players organize Vbucks Giveaway where you can get huge amounts of this money. Below is a list of top Fortnite players:

It’s worth keeping track of them, because very often they give away Vbucks for free!

Do the best Fortnite players use the VBucks generator?

This is a very frequently asked question, probably the best players don’t use such generators. They themselves are the Fortnite V Bucks Generator! Because thanks to the fact that they play a lot in Fortnite they have huge hundreds of thousands of Vbucks that they can sell or give away for free!

That’s why I think that Ninja or any other top player is a kind of vbucks generator. And if we are lucky we can get hundreds of thousands of vbucks thanks to it.

You got any tips for Fortnite?

Fortnite is a completely free game that anyone can download. However, in the game itself not everything is free of charge. Fortnite has an internal virtual currency thanks to which we can get skins, battle passes, llamas and much more.

Watch out for scammers who offer free Vbucks, many sites are just waiting to take over your fortnite account. Remember to never enter any passwords on such sites! Unless you want to get rid of your account, then do what you want.

Here yiu can check another great site: Fortnite V Bucks