If you are looking for a way to boost your own Fortnite Battle Royale game, then this guide will guide you through some of these fundamental strategies you’ll have to employ to get better quickly.  While you can’t get to an elite skill level straight away, it is possible to accelerate your early learning by employing a few of the approaches described below.



Pretty simple really, but all the best players you see have set hours upon hours to the many games they’re great at. You’ll have some that may pick up any game and also be obviously good, yet to become a master in a game you have to put in the time. You may not ever be as good as them, but the very first step towards becoming there is placing in the moment.

Head in the Playground mode and work in your construction. Set aside 20 – 30 minutes per day to only concentrate on practicing your strategy. The more you work on it, the better you will do if you get into an actual game situation.

get better

Tips How to get Better in Fortnite

1. Lower the sensitivity settings for your controls

I overheard Tyler Ninja Blevins mention this suggestion on his Twitch stream, therefore I tried it for myself. And sure enough, lowering the sensitivity settings of your controls whether you’re using a computer keyboard control or a keyboard and Mouse can sometimes help you secure your aim.

To visit your preferences, click the equipment icon at the upper right corner of the screen as you’re enjoying with the game or waiting in the lobby. There, you’ll understand your controller sensitivities. While you’re there, though, be sure to revisit your additional controls and preferences. You may choose to tweak some of those, apply the changes, and also find out how the game works. You never know: Sometimes, a simple tweak is everything you want.

2. Pay attention to sounds

The audio in Fortnite is outstanding. You’re able to hear if someone is close to you, over you, or below you. Use that audio to your advantage. Lie in await an unsuspecting participant coming to your house to shotgun these fast. Should you listen to gunshots off at the space, take a peek you may have the ability to snipe a person who is coping with a different enemy player.

3. Review Your Play

When you get killed, do not become angry about it and utilize an excuse to justify why it happened.  Look at it and ask yourself: What can I do wrong?  What could I’ve done to win the fight? Figure out the way to better approach your next battle when you enter an identical position and learn from the errors. The worst thing you could do is chalk each death up to a bug in the game or your competitor got lucky. Examine it and improve your game!